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OR Via Facebook to OldBirchFarm for Horses

 OR for a Pony



Please fill out in the following Form, if you're interested in one of our for Sale Horses ! ;-) 

And please Notice these Sales are not first come first serve!

You can apply for more horses at the same Time, every horse needs an own Application :-)

By the way, we are open to trade Horses&Foals if you don´t have the Money to Buy one!

Pls Contact us in that case :-)




1. Your Equus, EA or EE Name (not a Must be if you want to buy our Horses)

2. Your Email Adress:

3. Your Homepage or FB Page (not a Must be if you want to buy our Horses):

4. Which Horse/Foal you apply for:

5. What will you do with the Horse/Foal?:

6. Why do you want to buy this Horse/Foal?:

7: The Price of the Horse (Equus/Ea/E-Qest Sim, EE) (Not a must be when you want to TRADE Horses)

Please Notice: Use the Name of the Horse as subject when you send your Application!




For Sale Rules:


1.      You’re not allowed to remove our Prefix (OBF/HL)

2.      You’re not allowed to change the coat, Body, manes and tails in color but you can change the style ->

(only exception is a Horse that greys out! In this case i will inform you!)
3.      You´re not allowed to use the Horse as a Template for more Horses of the Breed
4.      You’re not allowed to put the Horse for Public Download

5.      You’re not allowed to sell the horse / foal (We take every Horse/Foal back that we sold)
6.     Please send us updates of the Horse all 4 Weeks 

7.     Only when we have received the money from you, you’ll get the Horse

If you don't follow our rules, we will reclaim the Horse and you won't get your Money back 

and you can´t never buy a Horse/Foal or a Stud from us again!