Pls send your Stud Quest to this Email Adress : 

Or via Contact Form


Our Stud Rules

1.      You’re not allowed to remove our Prefix OBF or HL

2.      You’ll send us the Mare (without CC!)
3.      You’re not allowed to change the coat
4.      You’re not allowed to change the body
5.      You’re not allowed to change manes and tails in color but in style
6.      You’re not allowed to provide the horse for public download
7.      You can't use the horse/foal as a template
8.      We always have pre-sale rights!

9. Please send us updates of the Foal all12 RL Weeks
10.    Only, when the Studfee is paid, you’ll get the foal.

If you don't follow our
 rules, i will reclaim the Foal/Horse back and you won't get any refunds 

All of our stallions give only limited Studs! Mare should be not to Big/Small for the Stallion! (Shetland Mare X Shire Stallion)

Please fill out in the following Form, if you're interested in one of our Stallions.

(Copy&Paste the following Text)

1.Your Name Equus/EE/EA:
2.Name of the Stallion:
3. Name of the Mare:

4.Breed of your Mare:
5.Color of the mare (picture) & Genetics:
6.Your homepage ( or FB page):

7. Your Equus/EE/Ea name/E-Quest Sim:

8. Do you agree with our terms?: